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Apple Watch charging wristband no longer works after Apple closes loophole

Apple Watch charging wristband no longer works after Apple closes loophole

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The Apple Watch's secret port will once again go unused and unloved by those on this side of the spaceship. For a brief moment, accessory maker Reserve Strap was able to produce a watch strap that could charge the Apple Watch using the secret port, extending life between charges by reportedly over 150 percent.

But then watchOS 2.0.1 came out, and with it, Apple has closed the loophole*. More specifically, the update changed the Apple External Accessory Protocol and "disabled the functionality of Reserve Strap." The company has thus suspended any additional shipments for customers who have updated their Apple Watch.

"For the time being, Apple has suspended use of this port until they unveil an official MFi program for Watch," according to the Reserve Strap team in a blog post detailing the update. The team is hopeful, however, pointing to a recent Apple patent application about "Modular Functional Band Links for Wearable Devices." The post asks people to reach out and ask Apple to create an official smartband accessory program. (Something tells me Apple will work on its own time regardless, but hey, it probably couldn't hurt if you're feeling passionate enough.)

In the meantime, those who already have a Reserve Strap can just think of it as a nice, weighty wristband.

* No pun intended**
** Okay, pun definitely intended***
*** And dammit, I am proud of that one.

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