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iHome put a Bluetooth speaker in a vanity mirror because why not?

iHome likes putting speakers in things

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Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016 Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Put me precisely in the middle of the following Venn diagram of people: 1) those who want to listen to the radio in the bathroom, 2) those who can't figure out a good way to do that without putting a ugly speaker in the bathroom, and 3) those who are willing to have a magnified vanity mirror in their bathroom.

That might make for a small niche (or maybe not!), but iHome specializes in making Bluetooth gadgets that serve every possible niche. And so, it has two vanity mirror speakers that go on sale today for either $99 or $149, depending on size. They do Bluetooth speaker things, they do mirror things, and they do them together. If needing a single thing that does those things is your thing, you can find them at establishments that sell dubious gadgets like Bed Bath & Beyond or Kohls.