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Warcraft movie gets a sick dubstep soundtrack in second trailer

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Do dubstep and Warcraft mix? Do humans and orcs mix? I dunno, but I guess finding out is kind of the point of this movie.

A second full trailer for Duncan Jones' Warcraft was released today, and it's basically all about showing off the film's wild visuals, backed up by a thumping electronic soundtrack. The second half of this trailer is shot after shot of special effects showing just how grand the scale of this movie is.

What's interesting to me is seeing how the heavily animated orc world interacts with the human world; right now, the humans seem to have a more natural look, while the orcs speak more to the property's video game roots. A few shots in the trailer suggest how they can blend together — in one instance, the frame is filled with glowing blue electricity that sort of evens them out in color. Effects likely aren't finished yet, but they're theoretically pretty close. The film comes out on June 10th.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the actual movie will have different music.

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