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You can now watch artists create VR paintings in your browser

From the artist's perspective with Tilt Brush

Google's Tilt Brush has been a staple in demos of the HTC Vive, and now the company is bringing that experience to a wider audience with the help of some notable artists. Virtual Art Sessions is a new VR experience created by Google that will allow viewers to experience virtual works of art being created from the artist's perspective.

Six artists — street artist duo Sheryo & Yok, illustrator Christoph Niemann, sculptor Andrea Blasich, fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers, installation artist Seung Yul Oh, and automotive concept designer Harald Belker — have worked with Google to create virtual art using Tilt Brush that can be viewed directly in the Chrome browser. You can watch the works come to life from any angle, including from the artist's viewpoint.

Tilt Brush is already considered one of the apps that can truly show off the potential of virtual reality, and combining that technology with a collective of highly respected artists will likely help to enhance that experience.