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Condition One creates ultra-rugged 360 camera to capture jaguars and grizzly bears

The most interesting 360 videos rarely take place in clean, indoor spaces (unless, of course, it's the First Lady of the United States). One of the earliest VR filmmaking studios, Condition One, announced today its latest rig, nicknamed "Bison."

Featuring 16 genlock synchronized cameras, the Bison captures 360-degree video in stereoscopic 3D at 48 frames per second (and at what they're saying is 5.7K resolution). It has tablet control and remote trigger up to 2,600 feet... which is probably used when the Bison was "recently field-tested capturing jaguars in Mexico and grizzly bears in Montana." That carbon fiber tripod is also probably useful.

There's a catch, of course: The Bison will not be sold to the public. Condition One just wanted to announce it to make everyone aware / jealous. So hey, just FYI.

This may or may not be the video made when field-testing. In either case, it's pretty fun to watch: