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McDonald’s believes the future is greasy gaming tablets

McDonald’s believes the future is greasy gaming tablets


Courtesy of Samsung

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Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

McDonald's is installing Samsung Galaxy tablets in its fast food restaurants across the UK as part of new initiative called "Experience of the Future." While the tablets won't be used to order food, they will offer basic access to the internet, mobile games, and social media apps. It's not clear which model of Galaxy tablets will be used, but the devices are being loaded with software from an enterprise company called SOTI instead of Samsung.

The burger chain has been experimenting with more tech-focused marketing ploys of late. Earlier this year, the company offered Sweden customers Happy Meal boxes that could be converted into cardboard virtual reality headsets based off Google's DIY design. It also introduced Samsung wireless charging pads in some restaurants across Europe. And McDonald's has supported the Apple Pay mobile payments system since its launch in October 2014.