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Thoughts on 'Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell casting is even worse than it seems'


While I agree with a lot of what Kwame has to say in this piece (though I wonder how many of the arguments are undercut by Hamilton), I actually think the last paragraph goes in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to expect the studios to change course on the casting of this film. But as more non-white moviegoers and actors speak up about how their stories are represented in film, the industry will have no choice but to respond. And the appropriate response in thinking less about the money and more about the story being told.

In fact, I think anyone who wants to effect change in how Hollywood movies are cast need to think ONLY about the money. Because, let's be honest, movie studios are businesses that need to make money. The decision to cast someone like Scarlett Johansson is, as Kwame points out, all about the money. The studios are banking on her as the star to bring people in and, conversely, don't trust an Asian-American lead to bring people to the theaters.

The only way to convince them otherwise is to vote with your dollars. Make this movie the lowest grossing movie of all time and theater executives will take notice. I'm sorry, but in Hollywood, no one is going to "think less about the money and more about the story being told." In the end, the money is the only thing the people making movies is going to care about.