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Prime Now same-day deliveries will reportedly integrate with in May

Prime Now same-day deliveries will reportedly integrate with in May

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Amazon will soon start treating its Prime Now same-day delivery service like a core part of its business. The company will bring Prime Now to this May, according to Bloomberg. That marks a major change from the current setup for the delivery service, which is only available via a dedicated Prime Now mobile app. Order history and customer service for Prime Now is also run separately from the company's main offerings.

The news indicates that Amazon is likely happy with how the service has fared since its launch in December 2014. At the time, Prime Now — which offers Amazon Prime members free two-hour delivery and $7.99 one-hour delivery for certain items — was only available in Manhattan. (There is also a suggested tip for couriers.) It has since expanded to over 20 US cities and a number of international markets, including cities in the UK as well as Tokyo and Milan. In certain cities, it now offers items from local stores as well as Amazon's select list of Prime Now goods. Unlike, Prime Now also sells perishables, like milk and eggs. By bringing Prime Now to, it will likely see much heavier use as more Prime members discover the service for the first time.

Correction: This article originally implied that London was Prime Now's only international city. In fact, Prime Now is in a number of UK cities, including Newcastle and Manchester, and it has launched in Japan and Italy as well.