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Your $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan can be made street-legal, for a little extra cash

Until Aston Martin's project with Red Bull to build the fastest car in the world comes to fruition, the Vulcan is unquestionably the most diabolical Aston you can buy — and at a list price of well over $2 million, it better be. The problem with buying a completely absurd hypercar like this, though, is that it might be designed exclusively for track use: see the McLaren P1 GTR and the Ferrari FXX K, for instance. What good is a seven-figure automobile that you can't flaunt on surface streets?

No worries, though: Aston now has a program in place that will let you convert your Vulcan for road use. Out of the factory, the Vulcan is completely configured for track use, including an asphalt-hugging ride height that would almost immediately be torn to shreds by unforgiving, pothole-ridden streets and steep driveways. Autocar reports that Aston is working with an outside firm to complete the conversions — at significant expense to the owner, of course — which will entail changes for safety compliance, comfort and usability, and any other customizations that the owner requests.

Get in those requests now, because the conversion is said to take three months. That's a shame, because the weather's just getting good around these parts.