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There is no Limp Bizkit show at a Dayton, Ohio gas station tonight

There is no Limp Bizkit show at a Dayton, Ohio gas station tonight

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People of Dayton, Ohio, the wider tristate area, and the internet in general — there is no Limp Bizkit show at the Sunoco gas station at the corner of Keowee Street and Wayne Avenue tonight. The Dayton Police department has made it very clear that, despite screenshots of tweets and a Facebook event that appear to come from the band, there will be no concert starting at 8PM on the 20th of April.

Yes, it might make perfect sense for rap-rock pioneers Limp Bizkit to play a special concert on today of all days — 4/20 of course being marijuana's birthday — and yes, where else would Fred Durst, Wes Borland, DJ Lethal, John Otto, and The Other One be on Weed Day than partying in a suburban gas station parking lot. But, and I can't stress this enough, there is no show.

The Facebook invite is fake, despite supposedly having 1,400 confirmed attendees; the professional-looking flyer is fake; even the tweet is fake. Limp Bizkit has only tweeted once this year — in March, to identify upcoming South American concert dates, and to exhort people to "COME PARTY WITH THE BIZKIT." After scouring that tweet, and the Instagram post it linked to, I can exclusively report the band did not have a Dayton show planned at that time.

The Dayton Police department's tweet has already been seized upon by hundreds of Twitter users, many of whom are either ardent fans of Limp Bizkit, or keen to get a laugh out of this clearly very serious situation. Some even claim to have tickets for tonight's show, while others have asked for a revised date, or accused the department of lying.

Here is the gas station where the concert isn't:

Remember, if you're planning on breaking out your JNCO jeans and red Yankees hat before heading down to southwest Dayton later: you will not be able to hear seminal nu-metal classics like "My Generation," "Rollin'", and "Break Stuff" while you chug alcohol-laced energy drinks on a Wednesday night, even if you spent much of the early 2000s doing exactly that.

Even if Limp Bizkit's music might as well be the theme tune for this kind of place, even if you think you've seen some of the members of the band hanging around at your local gas station, even if you're already flying in from LA just for the show, know this — there is no concert at the Sunoco station at Keowee Street and Wayne Avenue tonight.