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This motorized standing desk can also be your PC

This motorized standing desk can also be your PC


A desktop in your desktop

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You've probably seen plenty of standing desks before, but likely not one that also promises to be a home for your computer. This is what respected PC case maker Lian Li has created with the DK-04. From the outside it looks like your regular motorized standing desk, with an LED display and control panel for adjusting the height, but open up the tempered glass top, and there are slots waiting for the components that make up a regular PC. All you need to do is fit in a processor, hard drive, RAM and graphics card, and you've got a desktop that's also a desktop.

It's not the first chassis of this kind that Lian Li has made, and follows in the footstep of a whole range of "computer desks" going back to the comparatively compact DK-01. The DK-04, though, is the first that doubles as a standing desk. It was unveiled earlier this year at CES and a newly-published YouTube video (above) shows the chassis in full. There's space for up to two hard drives, four 120mm fans, support for liquid cooling systems, four exterior USB 3.0 ports, and built-in support for monitors and stands. And if that's not crazy enough for you, Lian Li also makes a PC chassis in the shape of a yacht.

Lian Li DK-04 standing desk