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The Shock Clock wristband will literally electroshock you awake

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Pavlok, IndieGoGo

Alarms aren't fun, and neither is waking up early. But maybe those wake-ups aren't miserable enough. Shock Clock, an electronic shock wristband currently being funded on Indiegogo, slowly wakes wearers up by initially vibrating at a designated alarm time. If that doesn't work, it beeps, like a normal clock. And then, if all else fails, it zaps the wearer until they're very much awake. Continued use of the shock band will train your brain to know when to wake up naturally, according to the wearable's manufacturer Pavlok (lol get it? Pavlov's dogs). It also promises to complete your "conversion from night owl to morning person."

The accompanying Shock Clock app lets users set multiple alarms and track their sleep. The band comes in five different colors, so you're always looking your most fashionable when being shocked awake. Preorders start at $89.

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