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HBO will let you watch Game of Thrones and Beyoncé this weekend for free

Just in time for the debut of Game of Thrones and Beyoncé's mysterious new Lemonade event, HBO is letting non-subscribers watch a full weekend's worth of premium television for free. Starting this Friday and ending on Sunday night, the network is making some of its best offerings available to everyone, if only to get people to subscribe going forward.

'Silicon Valley' and 'Veep' will be free, too

In addition to GoT and Lemonade, fans will be able to watch the pay-TV premiere of Jurassic World on Saturday night, as well as the return of Silicon Valley and Veep on Sunday night. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and the original HBO film Confirmation will also play that night. On top of all this, Cinemax shows like Banshee will also be available for free viewing. Of course, anyone interested will have to check with their provider to make sure they have access to the promotion.

This is perfect timing for the network to tout its HBO Now service to potential subscribers. In addition to its being one of the most popular, Game of Thrones continues to be the most torrented series in the world. Watching the long-awaited premiere for free might turn some would-be pirates into paying customers — especially since HBO Now is free for the first month.