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Basketball is coming to Rocket League next week

Basketball is coming to Rocket League next week


NBA Jam, but with cars

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Soccer-meets-cars game Rocket League is getting a new mode that introduces basketball to the experience. Called "Hoops mode," the feature doesn't look vastly different from the main game, but the new type of goal should change up the experience nicely. The downloadable add-on will be available for free, and in addition to the new game mode, will also include a basketball-themed arena where the net doubles as a ramp. If you want to spend $1.99 you can get officially licensed car flags for each of the 30 NBA teams (the Raptors logo will definitely look nice on the back of a Rocket League car). This isn't the first time the game has shifted from soccer: the first free update for Rocket League included a hockey mode, complete with an icy surface. The new basketball features will be available for all versions of the game on April 26th.