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Gmail will let you store links with 'Save to Inbox' Chrome extension

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Google's best Gmail app just got better

Google refreshed its Inbox email service today, most notably by introducing a link-saving Chrome extension for storing articles and websites. Similar to popular apps like Pocket and existing save features in Apple's Safari browser, Google's new extension lets you click a "Save to Inbox" button in Chrome to file a webpage you'd like to return to. The links then show up as a bundle in your email inbox. Instead of formatting articles in a clean and readable window like Pocket, Google just links you back to the original URL, so it may not be as effective for non-fiction junkies.

The feature is similar to one offered by an existing web and Android app called Google Keep, although Inbox has the email component. (In what doesn't sound like a coincidence, Google Keep got its first company-supported Chrome extension today as well.) As part of the Inbox refresh, Google is also making it easier to manage calendar events and newsletter emails.