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Google search will soon show live TV listings

Google search will soon show live TV listings


And the company is pushing hard into the TV-commercial industry

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Today, at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, Google announced that it's adding a new feature to Google search: air times for TV shows. So when you are looking for a movie or show, Google will tell you when it will be available on cable — that's in addition to the various online rental and streaming services it already lists.

Users will be able to click a small "Edit provider" link to let Google know how they get their cable (or, presumably, their over-the-air TV), to improve the results. Google is already providing detailed info cards for movies and TV, too, if you haven't noticed, with cast information, trailers, and plot summaries. So both IMDB and whatever you're using as a TV guide are getting some competition.


Alongside the consumer-facing announcement, Google also made a ton of announcements that will affect ad industry insiders. Google says that DoubleClick, its ad platform, is getting better at targeting specific demographics on both live and on-demand TV. It's also automating some of the work in choosing which ads air during breaks, "so two automotive ads don’t appear in the same commercial break - and other rules like making sure an alcohol and children's cereal ad don’t appear in the same commercial break." It was apparently enough to get Roku, MCN, and Cablevision on board with DoubleClick.

No word yet on when the TV search listings will be rolling out beyond "soon." Right now, we're not seeing them yet when we search for The Big Bang Theory, which is strange because we're pretty sure there's never a time when that show isn't live on TV.