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These itty-bitty food cooking videos will bring immense joy and tranquility to your heart

These itty-bitty food cooking videos will bring immense joy and tranquility to your heart

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I don't know why, but things not being their intended size, whether they're comically big or diminutively tiny, is always hilarious to me. Extremely large wine glasses? Very funny. Basketball personality Shaq? A human knee-slapper!

That's why I was so tickled when I stumbled upon Korean artist Mimine's Facebook page. Mimine makes miniature versions of food that are actually edible. The step-by-step videos of her process have a strangely hypnotizing quality to them. It's like those soothing ASMR videos you accidentally click on when you're aimlessly browsing the 'Tube and only three hours later do you realize, "Oh god, I'm in the weird part of YouTube again."

Watch this video of her carving a tiny roast turkey, and then ask yourself if you've ever put this much time and effort into anything in your life. Mimine is straight up inspiring.

Once you enter Minime's Facebook page, you may never be able to leave. She's smartly sped up the videos for Facebook. They're reminiscent of Tasty videos, in that both are mesmerizing to watch and that the chances of me replicating these recipes at home are none.

She makes everything from Krispy Kreme donuts...

mimine tiny kimchi, complete with an adorable little burial of jarred veggies (a combination of words I never thought I'd say) to let them ferment.


Here are some things I asked myself while watching her videos:

1. Where is she getting these tiny foods?

2. Why is my mouth watering at the sight of a pork cutlet that's approximately 8mm long?

3. Is this woman a wizard?

Minime's talents go beyond just making edible tiny food. She uses polymer clay to craft the tools she needs to make these mini works of art. Take for example this working battery-powered blender, which she uses to make a tiny tangerine smoothie.



At several points throughout her videos I gasped softly to myself and clutched my heart (and ovaries), the cuteness and innovation too much for me to bear. "That's not how big you're supposed to be!" I say to a Smurf-sized brick pizza oven she made herself, slapping my forehead.


Do yourself a favor and do what I did: make her site a permanent tab fixture on your browser, and revisit whenever you need to fill your normal-sized heart with wonder and whimsy.

P.S. Our friends at Eater have been covering the tiny food series quite extensively, if you're looking for a more culinary-minded take.