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Watch the first trailer for the new Jason Bourne movie

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Matt Damon's super spy Jason Bourne is coming back this summer, in the aptly named Jason Bourne, and he's bulked up. The first trailer for the movie shows Damon out in the desert delivering a one-hit knockout punch as part of what appears to be a bare-knuckle fight club, before working his way back to bed in a sweaty room and reminiscing about his murky past. Thanks to the events of the previous Bourne trilogy, the ex-secret agent has his memory back, but as Julia Stiles says in the new clip, "remembering everything doesn't mean you know everything."

It's also directed by series stalwart Paul Greengrass new Bourne movie takes place in a very different political climate to 2002's The Bourne Identity, as the new trailer is careful to lay out early. "We've just been hacked," one character says ominously, suggesting the breach "could be bigger than Snowden." There's still some of old Bourne in there too, though, in the kind of weighty fight sequences that will see Matt Damon punch a man through a chair. The movie's out on July 29th, and will become one of Universal Pictures' first 4K Blu-rays later this year.