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Hasbro lines up Michael Chabon and Brian K. Vaughan for its expanded movie universe

Hasbro lines up Michael Chabon and Brian K. Vaughan for its expanded movie universe

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Sure, the idea of a Marvel-style cinematic universe based on a company's various toy products may sound like one of the worst ideas since nipples on a Batsuit, but that's not stopping Hasbro and Paramount from lining up some serious talent to put their plans into place. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay) is a member of the writing team that has been assembled, as is comics writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, the TV series adaptation of Under the Dome) and Nicole Perlman, the screenwriter behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel.

The group, which is reportedly set to meet for the first time on Monday, are working under the guidance of writer and producer Akiva Goldsman, who has become a go-to for Paramount and Hasbro, having fulfilled a similar role for the Transformers franchise's upcoming plans. But while turning the world of the Autobots and Decepticons into an expanded cinematic world at least made some sort of conceptual sense, the larger Hasbro plan seems to be baffling even at the most basic level. The idea is for each of Hasbro's various toy properties (including G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K., and ROM the Space Knight) to all live in one interconnected cinematic world — so, one would assume, Cobra Commander may end up running into Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K. in some sort of "ingenious" post-credits sequence.

Baffling even at the most basic level

But my total bewilderment aside, there's obviously something interesting about the project for it to lure in the quality of talent it has. Aside from Perlman, Vaughan, and Chabon, some of the other writers involved include Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Coker, Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, Joe Robert Cole, who is working on the standalone Black Panther film, and Geneva Robertson (Tomb Raider).

In a statement to the Reporter, Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey said, "Bringing together a writers room of this caliber is a bold step for our partnership, and one that we believe is critical for building these brands into new, successful franchises for the future." Okay. Whatever you say.