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Griffin's magnetic USB-C charging cable is now available

Griffin's magnetic USB-C charging cable is now available



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When Apple released the MacBook last year, it decided against bringing over its MagSafe technology — a staple of MacBook Pro and Air chargers — to its newest device. Reckless people, like myself, who have tripped over MacBook chargers in the past with no consequences, had to be extra careful with Apple's newest and lightest laptop ever. But now that time is coming to an end, thanks to Griffin and it's new BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable.

The cable, which we previewed at CES, will save your MacBook (which recently got a nice processor upgrade), from crashing to the floor in a heap of polished aluminum. The cable comes with an adapter that acts as the magnetic hold for the breakaway mechanism. While you could leave the adapter plugged into the USB-C port as long as you want, that would hinder you from using the port for other peripherals. If only Apple would've put two USB-C ports on the laptop? We can dream. You can purchase Griffin's BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable today for $39.99.