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Magic Leap used Robert Scoble's infamous Google Glass shower shot in its patent filings

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Magic Leap is already well-known for explaining its patent claims through weird, creative pictures that are often traced from existing photos and concept art. But its latest batch of USPTO publications feature perhaps the finest illustration to ever grace a patent application. In some images favorably comparing Magic Leap with old augmented reality systems like the famously controversial Google Glass, it commemorates one of the single weirdest bumps in Glass' grinding trainwreck of a life: tech evangelist Robert Scoble naked in the shower wearing his beloved headset. It may be rendered in the crude lines of a dollar-store coloring book, but there's no mistaking its similarity to the picture Scoble posted back in 2013.

Just as Renaissance painters used subtle skull motifs to remind patrons that they could die at any moment, I hope Magic Leap has this image plastered on every office wall as it plans our augmented reality future.

Robert Scoble Google Glass shower