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We can now use dogs to sing Linkin Park songs

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They call dogs humanity's best invention. We took wild, dangerous pack animals from the forests where they menaced us and our families, and domesticated them over years, turning them into tireless shepherds, keen hunters, and faithful companions. We've already taught them to do so much for us, but it's only now that the species has reached its pinnacle — we've finally made dogs sing Linkin Park songs.

This video, from YouTube user Insane Cherry, shows a series of dogs performing the nu-metal supergroup's 2003 hit "Numb." A small white pooch nails the song's squealing guitar tone, before handing off the mic to a similarly fluffy pal that I've mentally christened Chestgrr Bennington. Rap duties are handled by a spaniel (Mike Shinodog), as the combined grunts, yelps, and screams are folded into the song's actual vocals, rising to an animalistic crescendo.

You'll probably recognize every animal in question from other viral videos if you've spent any time on the internet over the last few years, and the video isn't just dogs — it also features a goat's bleat, a donkey's hee-haw, and whatever it is that a fox says — but that's okay, because Linkin Bark's work remains a particularly neat entry in the storied history of YouTube videos in which pets sing songs. The real Mike Shinoda's a big fan, and for me, it's already supplanted Pug Sings The Batman Theme.