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Microsoft and Google agree to end all regulatory complaints against each other

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Microsoft and Google have reached an agreement to end all regulatory complaints against each other around the world, and have agreed to work together to settle any future issues themselves before filing official complaints.

In a statement to Recode, Google and Microsoft said the companies should be competing on products instead of focusing on legal proceedings. "Our companies compete vigorously, but we want to do so on the merits of our products, not in legal proceedings." Google told Recode.

A representative for Microsoft echoed those sentiments. "Microsoft has agreed to withdraw its regulatory complaints against Google, reflecting our changing legal priorities," the representative said to Recode. "We will continue to focus on competing vigorously for business and for customers."

The announcement comes two days after the European Union levied a formal antitrust complaint against Android, but the two companies told Recode the deal was in the works before the charges were filed. This is the second time in the past year Microsoft and Google have agreed to end legal complaints against each other; the pair ended a two-year legal battle over Android patents last September.