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Onda's oBook 11 Pro is a blatant Microsoft Surface Book knockoff

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No shame

It was only a matter of time before Chinese companies made a carbon copy of Microsoft's Surface Book, and the time has finally come. Chinese manufacturer Onda has shown off its oBook 11 Pro, which features a very familiar detachable tablet and hinge.

The oBook 11 Pro comes with a smaller 11.6-inch HD display, an underwhelming Intel Core m3 processor, and 4GB of RAM. As with most clones, the biggest issue is build quality, or the lack thereof, and there's no way you can tell how good the oBook actually is before you order it (please don't order it).

oBook Pro 11

Microsoft, on the other hand, should take this as a compliment — Chinese companies usually won't blatantly copy your hardware design, unless your name is Apple or you've built something unique and great. Now the Surface Book has joined those ranks.

Onda hasn't said how much the tablet will cost or when it'll be released, but don't expect to buy the oBook 11 Pro in the US, where copyright and trademark laws exist.