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Garmin's Approach X40 is a golfer's new wearable bestie

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Some people say golf isn't a sport. Others hedge and call it a "leisure sport." Well Garmin is saying phooey to all that; golf is definitely a sport! And it's such an important one that its players need their own golf-oriented wearable. The Approach X40, which Garmin announced today, tracks wearers' heart rates while also measuring and recording shot distances. It also tells golfers the distance to the front, middle, and end of each green, as well as obstacles they could come across on 40,000 courses around the world. If paired up with Garmin's connected club sensor, it can show swing metrics.

The X40 comes in black, white, and a frost blue. It's water resistant and reportedly lasts up to 10 hours in GPS mode, or up to five days while in watch mode, meaning it's only tracking activities, monitoring heart rates, and sending notifications. Garmin suggests pricing it at $249.99.