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Bless California health officials for trying to stay relevant with dated memes

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California Public Health

This tweet was brought to my attention today.

At first, I felt bad for Drake! I mean, wow, that's a low meme moment to have your popular single appropriated for West Nile awareness. But then, something happened. I began to admire California Public Health. Its total ownership of memes and attempt to make millennials care about diseased mosquitoes is impressive! Like a dad doing five minutes at an open-mic night about how much he loves his wife and kids, it’s admirably embarrassing. This isn't the first time the agency has used dated memes to spread important health tips. Here we go:

I share in that baby's joy (big summer accomplishment).

Mosquitoes suck — both literally and figuratively! Is there anyone out there that loves mosquitoes? Please let me know why you do in the comments because I find that crazy. The buggers are not only generally accepted as pests, but also spread scary diseases like West Nile, Zika, and dengue. That's a lot of bad for one tiny insect. Supposedly they're going to take over the world with global warming, too. Now that’s a danger that warrants a proactive meme. Thank you, California Public Health, for trying to capture the internet's attention. Your memes worked! I care now. And with that, here is this: