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You'll actually want to get sucked into this Boeing 737 engine... chair

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Fallen Furniture

Meet the aptly named 737 Cowling Chair from British workshop Fallen Funiture. It is precisely what it sounds like: a chair made out of the cowling of an actual 737 engine, best known for its trademark squat appearance — most airliner engines are round, but the 737's have a little bit of flatness along the bottom edge so they have enough ground clearance. It just so happens that the shape also makes for an awesome (giant) chair. No, seriously, it's big: it measures some six and a half feet tall, wide, and deep.

No price is listed and I suspect these aren't being mass-produced — there are only so many discarded 737 engines to go around, after all — but if you can't get your hands on this one, Fallen makes a bunch of other products out of airline scrap. Perhaps a coffee table made from an emergency exit door is more to your liking?