Batteries are increasingly becomig the less important part of Gaming laptops


Laptops became an instant hit when they were launched because of two main things,odays they were portable and had a battery so you could take them anywhere without needing to take the power cable with you. Today's Laptops also do that eloquently than ever before.

But what about the Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops were introduced to make the consumers believe that the Laptops also had the raw power that was needed to run Heavy Applications and Graphic intensive Games, well they succeeded in doing that except for one thing,Battery Life Battery life is the problem that today's Gaming PCs face, They offer great performance they are also becoming less bulky by the minute but still the problem of battery life for these things continues. They offer around an hour battery when one is playing a graphic intensive game. Which is below average.

Many innovations are happening in computers except for the innovations in Batteries

When a person goes to a store for buying a gaming laptop, he/she is still puzzled between buying a Gaming Laptop or building a custom Desktop for the same price, as buying a Gaming PC is a costly affair. This needs to be eliminated.

Better Battery Life will insure better sales of Gaming laptops over Desktop PCs.