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Another self-driving car startup is about to hit the roads. The Wall Street Journal reports that, a Silicon Valley startup that received $12 million in funding last year, has been granted a license to test autonomous vehicles on California roads. It's the 13th company to receive permission.

Is driving more or less complicated than Go? — which, for clarity, is not George Hotz's — reportedly says that it's working to bring "deep learning" to autonomous car tech. Rather than programming a car so that it knows exactly what to do, hopes to allow its driving AI to learn on its own. That means, like a human, the more time it spends driving and the more scenarios it encounters, the better it'll get at responding to them.

It's not stated how far along's technology is; at the moment, its website is just a splash page that says it's hiring. But given that it's been granted a license to hit the road, it seems likely enough that it has stable self-driving tech ready to put on a vehicle.