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Carmike Cinemas is putting Prince's Purple Rain back in 80 theaters

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Following AMC's announcement that it would put Prince's 1984 film Purple Rain back in theaters, Carmike Cinemas has decided to follow suit. The theater chain announced yesterday that it would play Purple Rain in 80 or so theaters starting today and running through this coming Thursday. That just about doubles the number of screens the movie is on between the two chains. (AMC is currently in the process of purchasing Carmike, though the deal hasn't yet received regulatory clearance.)

Though Prince leaves behind an expansive and thoroughly impressive catalog of work, he remains best known for Purple Rain, the semi-autobiographical film and album of the same name released in 1984, not all that long into his career. If you're looking for a way to remember Prince this weekend, seeing Purple Rain may be among the best ways to go. You can go here to see Carmike's list of theaters, and here to see AMC's list. And if you want to read up on the history of Purple Rain, we've got you covered right here.