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Watch Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son beat F1 star Daniel Ricciardo in a crazy cart race

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It might have been the most exciting — or at least the most adorable — race of 2016. Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo took on Williams driver Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son Filipinho in a race around an outdoor patio on Razor Crazy Carts.

The best part was perhaps Felipinho's tiny Williams racing suit and helmet, a perfect match for Dad's full-size version. Massa and Ricciardo are two of the most-liked drivers in the Formula One paddock, and it's nice to see both of them away from the ultra-competitive race track and enjoying each other's company on their day off.

Watching little Felipinho get around the "track," I can't help but wonder if we'll be watching him on an F1 track in 10 years. The boy has some skills, that's for sure — especially at spraying "champagne" over the adoring crowds. Now where can I get one of those Crazy Carts?