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Solar Impulse 2 successfully completes flight to California after 62 hours

After taking off from Kalaeloa Airport in Hawaii on Thursday, the Solar Impulse 2 successfully landed at Moffett Air Field in Mountain View, California last night. Pilot Bertrand Piccard spent a total 62 hours flying the solar-powered plane. The landing completed the ninth leg of the 13-stage round-the-globe journey Piccard and fellow pilot André Borschberg began last year.

Borschberg will take over for the next leg of the trip, flying the craft from California to New York. The team originally set out from Abu Dhabi last March in a bid to raise awareness about solar energy, but were delayed after battery issues forced them to land in Hawaii in July. That setback, which followed the longest, record-breaking leg of the trip, grounded them up until last week. They're expected to return to Abu Dhabi in August later this year.