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Uber drivers in California join with Teamsters Union to fight for better benefits

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Not long after Uber settled its two worker misclassification lawsuits in California and Massachusetts, contractors are still putting pressure on the ride-hailing behemoth. Drivers in California are partnering with the Teamsters Union to create the App-Based Drivers Association (ABDA), a group that will push Uber to provide better wages and working conditions and give the contractors a stronger voice.

Giving drivers a stronger voice

"We welcome any Uber drivers seeking to improve their working conditions," said Teamsters international vice president, Rome Aloise, in an official statement. "By coming together, the Teamsters will help these drivers have a stronger voice and improve standards for rideshare drivers in California."

The partnership will help Uber drivers argue more forcefully that their status as non-employees should be changed, and also set an example for drivers in other states looking for ways to better collectively bargain for better pay. Uber, along with Lyft, is already fighting a recently approved law allowing contractors in Seattle to unionize. And since the settlement in California may eventually be rejected, Uber will need to prepare for more litigation going forward.