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Will Ferrell will reportedly star in one of two Uber-themed movies

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Movies about Uber are apparently like buses — you wait an age for one and then two turn up at once. Both Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox are working on Uber-themed comedies, according to the Hollywood Reporter, after both studios purchased projects within a day of each other.

Universal's as-yet-untitled movie, purchased for seven figures on April 14th, is expected to star Will Ferrell as an Uber driver who picks up an escaped convict. Ferrell will also produce, along with longtime collaborator and Anchorman director Adam McKay, but the script has yet to be completed by screenwriter Brendan O'Brien, who also co-wrote Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors. Fox's picture, on the other hand — purchased the next day without knowledge of Universal's deal — has its script written, but has no star attached yet. Stuber also follows an Uber driver, this time picking up a "grizzled cop working the most dangerous case of his career."

There's no date yet for either movie, but both studios are reportedly racing each other to get their Uber-themed films into theaters first, to avoid sharing chunks of the profit.