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How to follow Circuit Breaker on Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and more!

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Hello! Welcome to Circuit Breaker, the new gadget blog from The Verge. We're very excited to tell you all about all the gadgets that come across our desks every day, and also excited to present them all to you in a classic, reverse-chronological blog on our website. But of course, we're on more than just a website, we're going to be on all sorts of other platforms. Which platforms? Why, we're so glad you asked! Here's how to follow us:

If you're a Google+ holdout or consume your news on Instagram and Instagram alone, fear not. For now, we'll be adding lots of Circuit Breaker gadgets to the mix on our main Verge Google+InstagramTumblrLinkedin, and Snapchat accounts. And when we're not unboxing things live on Facebook, you can look for our videos on YouTube.

Want to know more about what Circuit Breaker is? Read our announcement here. And don't miss our big State of the Gadget Union, either.