First Click: The world’s best gadget blog launches, Bey, and more in the week ahead

April 25th, 2016


Oh hey, what’s that you say New York Times? Paul Miller has returned to The Verge to launch Circuit Breaker, the world’s best gadget blog? Here’s a little secret: he’s actually been here for awhile already, writing as Al Plumlier (an anagram). Well-placed sources tell me that Nilay Patel will have more to say about Circuit Breaker soon.

Beyoncé dropped her new album Lemonade over the weekend, and we’ll have plenty to say just as soon as we can gather our wits. Our review of the new season of Silicon Valley is also coming up shortly.

On Tuesday, both Apple and Twitter will report earnings. For Apple, the quarter will likely prove historic as it posts the first year-on-year decline in revenue in more than a decade. All eyes will be on iPhone sales to see if Apple’s growth engine is truly busted or just in need of some minor repair. For Twitter, analysts will be watching its all important MAU (Monthly Average Users) number which has flatlined for several quarters. Twitter last reported 320 million MAUs.

On Wednesday, Facebook reports earnings. The company blew away expectations last quarter, and has regularly delivered positive surprises over the last year. Analysts will be watching ad revenue for online and mobile. Last quarter mobile ad revenue rose by an astonishing 81 percent.

Amazon reports its financial situation on Thursday. At least one analyst sees Amazon falling short of consensus earnings estimates for the quarter.

And this is only a taste of what’s to come. We’ll be covering the best that technology, science, entertainment, and transportation have to offer in the week ahead. But first, let’s catch up on the weekend that was.

  1. This is how Material Design looks on Chrome OS, rolling out now

    Google has been revamping its look piece by piece to fall in line with the Material Design style guidelines that it introduced two years ago. Now the look is spreading to Chrome. As Google designer...

  2. The Game of Game of Thrones: who will win season six?

    The only fantasy game where a dead man can be a first round draft pick.

  3. This is the new logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

    A new logo has been selected for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, organizers announced Monday, more than seven months after the original design was scrapped amid accusations of...

  4. An exclusive look inside the making of Prince's iconic album Purple Rain

    Thirty years after its premiere, Purple Rain is still considered one of the greatest albums of all time. Read an exclusive behind-the-scenes account of how it came to life.

  5. See humanity's monuments to work, life, and death through a drone's eyes

    Imagine being a drone, flying aimlessly over and through American metropolises in 2016. What would you see? For filmmaker Tim Sessler, it might look something like this. In "Balance," Sessler takes...

  6. Beyoncé's Lemonade is now available to everyone for $17.99

    Even though the album is only available on Tidal for streaming listeners, fans and non-subscribers willing to buy Beyoncé's new album Lemonade are now able to enjoy it. Tidal just announced that...

  7. You'll actually want to get sucked into this Boeing 737 engine... chair

    Meet the aptly named 737 Cowling Chair from British workshop Fallen Funiture. It is precisely what it sounds like: a chair made out of the cowling of an actual 737 engine, best known for its...

  8. Behind the scenes with D∆WN at the first ever YouTube Live 360 broadcast

    'We wanted to create another world.'

  9. The Verge Review of Animals: the red panda

    This column is part of a series where Verge staffers post highly subjective reviews of animals. Up until now, we’ve written about animals without telling you whether they suck or rule. We are now...

  10. Watch Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son beat F1 star Daniel Ricciardo in a crazy cart race

    It might have been the most exciting — or at least the most adorable — race of 2016. Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo took on Williams driver Felipe Massa's seven-year-old son Filipinho in...

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