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Logitech turned 160 gaming keyboards into a massive pixelated display

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Using programmable LEDs as backlighting for keyboards has become a familiar trick for gaming companies, but Logitech has managed to put the tech to a new use. At gaming festival PAX East, the company turned 160 of its light-up G810 keyboards into a massive, pixellated display. The resulting screen — dubbed the Great Wall of Logitech G — was used to show various messages and images during PAX, including a mock-up of a side-scrolling shooter created by production company iam8bit.

A closer look at the screen shows that the fronts of the keys have been worn away to allow more light to shine through, but the Great Wall shows off the G810's multicolor abilities fairly. Users can personalize the backlight on every individual key, and create preset layouts for different games and controller setups. In our review of the G810 we thought it was a comfortable and compact keyboard — slightly quieter than previous models, and good for both working and gaming. We never tried to watch a movie on it though.