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What in the world is Obama looking at in virtual reality?

What in the world is Obama looking at in virtual reality?

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Barack Obama is on a bit of a press junket at the moment, and after dropping a bombshell on the UK's ongoing "Brexit" crisis, it seems he's decided to head to Germany and just chill with Angela Merkel. The pair were photographed trying out virtual reality headsets in Hanover recently, and while we're grateful that someone put googly eyes on the thing, we're deadly curious to know: what were they virtually looking at?

Obama's "alas poor Yorick" pose made us think it was some sort of Hamlet reenactment (after all, it was the Bard's 400th deathday this weekend), but Merkel's hand position kind of throws that off. (Who grabs a skull with an overhand grip??) Perhaps they're just being super World Leader-y and looking at tiny, spinning virtual globes, or maybe they've had one of those VR "girlfriend simulators" foisted on them and are trying to play it cool.

The rest of the pictures from the event don't really help. We've got Merkel giving Obama her patented You're Personally Charming But Your Security Policy Is Founded On Surveillance, Torture, And Targeted Killings look:

There's the classic "Let's not about the NSA" standoff:

And this shot that makes them look like a pair of jaded cops in some grim Scandinavian police procedural.

So what were really they looking at? Answers in GIF format, please.