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John Romero is working on a dark new shooter called Blackroom

John Romero is working on a dark new shooter called Blackroom


A crowdfunded return

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John Romero — one of the key minds behind seminal shooters like Doom and Quake — is returning the genre that made him famous. Today Romero announced the first project from his new studio, Night Work Games, and it's a first-person shooter called Blackroom.

The game is set in a "holographic simulation gone rogue," and the studio describes it as "a return to fast, violent, and masterful play on the PC." The game will feature both a traditional single-player campaign and a handful of multiplayer modes, and will also have a heavy emphasis on player-created mods. It'll also feature a soundtrack by famed metal guitarist George Lynch and isn't expected to launch until late 2018.

Following in the footsteps of other notable designers, including Peter Molyneux and Koji Igarashi, Romer is crowdfunding Blackroom, looking to raise $700,000 to fund its development. The game was teased last week in a video that channeled the final moments of of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, only with a mouse and keyboard in place of a lightsaber. Romero is joined in the teaser by another id Software co-founder, Adrian Carmack, who will be serving as art director on Blackroom.

Romero is best-known for his work at Doom developer id Software, which he left in 1996, but over the last two decades he's worked on a number of games in a number of genres. That includes everything from the controversial FPS Daikatana in 2000 to Ravenwood Fair, a Facebook game he designed in 2010. His new studio, Night Work, is based in Ireland — where Romero currently resides — and is described as "the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd."

Doom, meanwhile, is making its own return very soon — the latest game in the series is due to launch on May 13th.