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Lionsgate is bringing more than 100 Hollywood movies to Steam

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The Hunger Games, Twilight, and more big Hollywood movies are now available on Steam, Valve's PC-gaming platform. Today Valve announced a deal with Lionsgate, which will bring more than 100 films to the service, and it includes some of Lionsgate's biggest franchises, like Saw, Crank, and Divergent (there's also the entire Leprechaun series, if that's your thing).

At present the titles are available as streaming rentals only, and not for download. You will, however, be able to watch them on all platforms Steam is available on, including PC, Mac, Linux, SteamOS, and even SteamVR. While Valve has previously dabbled in releasing films on the platform, including documentaries like Indie Game: The Movie, this marks the company's first big effort at expanding into traditional blockbuster movies.

Lionsgate says that the number of films available will expand as "the partnership continues to expand worldwide."