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Witness cat ballet, the forbidden feline dance

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Sakata_77 on Twitter
Sakata_77 on Twitter
Sakata_77 on Twitter

The bad news: it's Monday. The good news: Twitter user @sakata_77 uploaded a handful of images of cats performing their own form of dance. In the word of, the cats have "ballet ambitions."

Who are these cats? What are their stories? How did they come to master the art of movement?

I believe this orange-striped kitty is Garfield, and he recently adopted a more active lifestyle.

This collection of cats, they are a band of interpretive dancer students performing an adaptation of Neko Atsume for their MFA thesis.

And this white cat isn't a cat. This white cat is the actualization of the platonic ideal of grace.

What if cat photos are just some High Power's way of letting us know that it's watching us, and that it cares? Mondays, am I right?