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Harmon Kardon's Go + Play Bluetooth speaker has a fancy handle

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Harman's new Bluetooth speaker, the Harman Kardon Go + Play, can connect to up to three devices and reportedly supports up to five hours of playtime. If you're out at the park and in dire need of a charge, it can also charge your phone or tablet through a USB port. If you're in a conference room, it can host conference calls! Though these are definitely nice features, they aren't anything revolutionary. Lots of Bluetooth speakers can be paired in stereo and play conference calls. We covered one such speaker last week.

The Go is most notable for its design. I personally think it would fit in well in a Jetsons-esque home, but I'm no interior designer. It's got a stainless steel handle with a fabric finish in either black or white. The Go is being released in May at a price of $299.