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An astronaut ran a marathon in space, because going to space wasn’t hard enough


How was your weekend? Mine was pretty solid. I saw The Jungle Book and hosted a party to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones. There was a lot of sitting involved, but I managed to fit in an hour of yoga on Sunday, so I had some exercise. Overall, I felt like I had maximized my time off. At least that's what I thought until I came into work today.

While I was relaxing, it turns out, British astronaut Tim Peake ran the London Marathon over the weekend. Oh, and he did it all in space. He ran the entire length of the marathon on the space station's treadmill, which the astronauts use for daily exercise. There was even an iPad in front of him that digitally recreated the actual London Marathon route, according to The Guardian. Seriously, leave it to NASA and the European Space Agency to remind me that I'm aiming way too low with my #weekendgoals.

Peake managed to beat the previous space marathon record (yes, that exists!)

Don't worry, it gets way more embarrassing for me. Not only did he run a space marathon, he had to do it in simulated gravity, which is way harder to pull off. The process involved the team strapping Peake to the treadmill. A waist belt and shoulder straps pushed down on his hips and shoulders, providing the right amount of downforce and ensuring that runner didn't float away. Peake noted in an earlier interview that the straps start to dig in after 40 minutes or so, making the run way more uncomfortable than it would be on land.

Even with all that irritating pain, Peake managed to beat the previous space marathon record (yes, that exists!). NASA astronaut Sunita "Suni" Williams ran the Boston Marathon from space in 2007, with a total time of four hours and 24 minutes. Now Peake has beaten that with an estimated run time of three hours and 35 minutes!

Oh! And he did the whole thing for the Prince's Trust, a charity that helps young people get jobs and proper work training.

Well, that's just... that's just great, then. I think I'm going to re-watch Game of Thrones when I get home tonight.

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