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The full cast list for the new Twin Peaks is here, and it’s really, really strange

The full cast list for the new Twin Peaks is here, and it’s really, really strange


Trent Reznor and Eddie Vedder... because?

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Questions have surrounded Showtime's new Twin Peaks series ever since it was first announced: Is it a reboot? Is David Lynch on board? Did David Lynch drop out? Is David Lynch back on board after dropping out? And most importantly, will the frontman of Nine Inch Nails be making an appearance?

Okay, maybe the rest of you weren't asking all of those exact questions, but either way the answers appear to be yes. Showtime has released the names of all 217 cast members of the upcoming show, and included are: Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Reznor, Eddie Vedder, Jim Belushi, Monica Bellucci, Robert Forster, and pretty much every random person you could possibly think of.

Is 'Twin Peaks' turning into a multi-layered Lynchian metaverse?

There's no mention of what characters everyone will be playing, but it's worth noting that longtime NIN guitarist Robin Finck also shows up on the list, so maybe Lynch is just going to shoot some '90s concert scenes. But perhaps there's something deeper there for the Lynchian conspiracy theorists to dig into, because many of the performers listed have taken part in David Lynch productions outside of Twin Peaks. Naomi Watts, for example, starred in Mulholland Drive, while Balthazar Getty was in Lost Highway — a project that Reznor scored. That's not to mention Laura Dern, who is also on the Twin Peaks list, and was one of the stars of Wild At Heart and Inland Empire. Is it a sign? Is there a multi-layered David Lynch metaverse in play, or has he simply gone Marvel? It's a mystery!

Thankfully there are some familiar names from the original series that should be a little more self-explanatory. They include: Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), David Duchovny (Agent Dennis), and, obviously, Kyle MacLachlan. (If you don't know who he plays, you really need to just stop reading and go watch Twin Peaks right now. Yes, all of it. Don't worry; we'll wait.)

The full list is included below, and in case there were any questions whatsoever, it seems pretty clear that this thing is going to get weird.

Twin peaks cast list
Twin Peaks cast list