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Samsung will reportedly start making OLED TV panels this year

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And LG will invest in mobile OLED panels

Samsung is about to get deep in the OLED game. According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is preparing to start manufacturing OLED TV panels later this year. Samsung has dominated the mobile OLED market with its displays for years, and now it looks to be turning its sights on the TV industry.

LG, which currently is a major player in the OLED TV market, is gearing up to improve its mobile OLED panels in a bid to take on Samsung — where it controls 95 percent of the market — according to SamMobile. The two Korean companies are are about to butt heads to control the OLED market, which is a good thing for consumers in the long run.

While competition for mobile OLED panels might not have a direct impact on consumer costs, it could definitely have an impact on TV prices, as LG and Samsung battle to produce the lowest cost OLED panels. And cheaper TVs are good for everyone.