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Gmail on Android adds support for Microsoft Exchange accounts

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The best Android email app just got better

Google updated its Gmail app for Android today to support Microsoft Exchange email accounts on all devices. The addition remedies one of the app's biggest shortcomings for those who want to mix work and personal information in the same space. Now, when adding a new account to Gmail, you have a dedicated Exchange option at the bottom of the list. The update should be live in the Play Store for every Android user over the next few days, Google says.

For more than two years, Google has supported third-party email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail in its Android mobile app. However, Exchange has been notably absent from that list unless you've been using a Nexus device, which has supported Microsoft's enterprise server since 2014. With today's update, Gmail is an even more well-rounded email option for Android users. The software isn't quite as appealing for those on iOS, as Google still restricts iPhone owners to Gmail accounts.