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Rock Band 4 is getting an online multiplayer mode

Rock Band 4 is getting an online multiplayer mode

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Rock star simulator Rock Band 4 will be getting online multiplayer later this year, developer Harmonix has announced, allowing people to play their plastic instruments as part of a full band even if they're home alone. The update bringing the feature to the game is due out during the holiday period later this year, following the addition of a new practice mode in June, and an expansion pack slated to arrive this fall.

Harmonix's Rock Band games have always been best when played over local multiplayer with a full band of your friends in the room, but it's not always possible to wheel your pals over whenever you're in the mood for a plastic jam session. An online multiplayer mode has therefore been a common request for the fans, allowing them to gain in convenience what they lose in shared camaraderie, and letting you get the full band experience without scheduling a house party. Key to the experience will be a solid connection, however, to ensure your inputs are correctly registered in time with the music — we'll find out later this year if Harmonix's netcode is up to the task.