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The remote control for Yuneec's latest drone is bonkers

The remote control for Yuneec's latest drone is bonkers


If you lose your drone, convert this thing into the sickest Android gaming tablet

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We just got our hands on a review unit of the new Yuneec Typhoon H drone. The first thing I pulled out of the box was the remote control, and it's a whopper. The controller is over a foot long, and features a built-in Android tablet with a 7-inch screen. It has two joysticks, two D-pads, five switches, four buttons, and three adjustable knobs. That's not counting the five touchscreen buttons on the tablet. It looks a lot like the kind of handheld gaming device Sega would have made in the 1990s; a Game Gear or Nomad, perhaps one of the units produced in partnership with Neo Geo.

Intel is an investor in Yuneec, and the controller features the friendly little "Intel inside" logo. If you needed more convincing that this piece of gear is packing serious compute power, just take a look at the back. It's a remote control, but it has two fans! This thing is an absolute beast, and I am pumped to be the drone bro with the heftiest piece of hardware.

UPDATE: Those things below the d-pads are speakers. SPEAKERS!