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North Face's new Access Pack is a gadget nerd's dream bag

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Zippers are out; latches are in

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Backpacks are an unfortunate reality we must all live with. Messenger bags, while a bit more stylish, are never big enough. They also don't readily lend themselves to aimless stuffing. North Face's new backpack, however, is the ultimate stuff bag. The Access Pack's outside resembles a cool turtle shell, more for a jet-setting millennial than an elementary schooler. And knowing that our gadgets can bog us down, the Access Pack comes with a bunch of "ejector tabs" that you can use to take out your phone and other devices. But the bag's true glory is its laptop compartment. It's water resistant, can hold a 15-inch laptop, and has a pull handle to grab the laptop more quickly.

North Face

North Face

The bag comes in black or grey and costs $235. Unfortunately, it's already sold out, but North Face says it'll be back in stock by May 26th.

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