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British Princes William and Harry will reportedly play stormtroopers in Star Wars: Episode VIII

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As if it's not enough that Princes William and Harry live their opulent lives largely at the British taxpayers' expense, now they might get to live out the regular British citizen's dream, too. The Daily Mail reports that William and Harry might have filmed a small part in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII when they visited the set recently, appearing incognito as masked stormtroopers in much the same way Daniel Craig did before them.

William and Harry reportedly donned the iconic white suits to film a scene that takes place at a First Order installation, stepping into an elevator alongside Benicio del Toro's character as Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn are trying to sneak their way in. "The line given was that they were going to have lunch and a private tour of the rest of the set," the Daily Mail's source says. "What really happened is that the director came over and told them it was time to ‘get suited' and off they went to the wardrobe department."

Update April 26th, 10:00AM ET: This post was edited to be less mean about the existence of the British Royalty, because these princes seem like nice people who, like many of us, desperately want to be in the Star Wars films. We apologize to those we offended with the original story.